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Transform your chartering process forever, today.

MarDocs is a collaborative solution for the automation of clear, structured and full charter party documentation.

MarDocs is positioned to become a leading repository for Fixture documents, with efficient record retention and strong internal controls.

Effective charter party services management

There are many issues that increase cost and time for the industry, from the increasingly complex regulatory environment to fluctuating market conditions. Disputes associated with charter party documentation such as inconsistent terms and contradictory clauses, create further confusion.

Simplify without sacrificing control and security:

  • Single Deal Entry Screen
  • Standardized Fixture process
  • Straightforward management of ‘Agreed Terms’
  • Accessible control by Charterers of specific clauses
  • Up-to-date information for certainty
  • PDF generation for added security
  • Recording and saving of specific phrases for convenience
  • Look-up of specific keywords for clarity
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